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February 22, 2011

Local iQ Takes the Plunge

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Well, folks, it seems as though Albuquerque’s local weekly “alternative” paper, The Weekly Alibi, is getting a competitor for its audience of “leftist” oppressive and regressive types (also known as “Obamatons”).

In the current edition of Local iQ, there’s an op-ed piece titled “EPA’s efforts have made Earth a better place.” (Local iQ, V.6 I.3 10-23 February 2011, p.15[1])

This is something of a departure from what I had previously thought of as a non-political publication. Indeed, Local iQ used to be just about Albuquerque- and Rio Rancho-area nightlife, book clubs, recipes and such. And they do a decent job there, even if some of their picks are a bit on the pricey side.

Now I’m sure that the paper’s editorial staff and publishers will contend that the article I’ve mentioned here is not in any way politically-intended commentary, and that they printed it as a form of “public service,” like those “public service” TV spots telling kids to avoid (illegal) drugs.

Yeah, right.

The fact remains that all of the EPA’s “achievements” listed in the article were (and still are, in some cases) politically-contentious issues, such as “secondhand smoke,” banning DDT and now “climate change.”

I’m also sure that when this point is brought to the attention of the paper’s staff, they’ll blow it off with an elitist, snobby comment like “We ran that article because we care about the Earth. Don’t you care?

I can only wonder if they’ll offer space for letters to the editor, so that opposing viewpoints can get an occasional airing.

It would seem the logical thing for “Albuquerque’s Intelligent Alternative” to do – give the readers both sides, and let them make up their own minds.

But if they don’t, that’s OK, too – it’s their paper, and they have the right to print (and not print) the articles, columns and such as they see fit.

Just remember that an alternative exists in the New Mexico Breeze.


  1. I scanned the article and posted the resulting picture, as the paper’s staff didn’t post it to the web as of this time. After a Google search, I found the original article at the site of E – The Environmental Magazine“40th Anniversary for EPA”.
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