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May 11, 2022

Ironic that Democrats hate the only thing produced by socialism that actually works

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H/T Libertarian Party of Jefferson County [Colorado] at Friday, May 6, 2022 at 9:29 AM MST [via Libertarian Party USA (Unofficial) Facebook group]


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March 1, 2011

An Alternative to the AARP

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Known nationally as “the conservative alternative to the AARP,” the American Seniors Association works hard to fulfill its mission to provide seniors with the choices, information, and services they need to live healthier, wealthier lives.

Our members’ dignity and security matter most to us, and that’s why thousands of Americans every year turn to the American Seniors Association for the help they need.

We offer our members better choices to help with:

  • Medicare
  • Insurance
  • Prescription Discounts
  • Travel Services
  • Auto Club
  • Information on Where to Find the Facts

We are driven by a uniquely American philosophy that starts with the understanding that government doesn’t tax and regulate “things.” It taxes and regulates “people.” Individuals like you and me. That’s why we treat every member as an individual, with a different story and different priorities, freely united as individuals to provide each other with better values in the services we want and need.

At American Seniors Association, we don’t just take the government’s side like some other associations. We are not some big liberal bureaucracy here to try to scare you into going along with Big Government all the time or telling you what to think. Instead . . .

  • We’ll offer you real, useful information so you can make up your own mind.
  • We’ll ask: What do you think?
  • And, we’ll take your side.

And instead of pretending to speak for you on every issue, we’ll help provide you with the information and the tools you need to speak for yourself.

Like we said, we’re different. And we’re working for people just like you.

If you’re tired of having some association you’ve never met claiming to speak for you in Washington DC, then the American Seniors Association is a perfect new home for you.

If you’re tired of your opinion being taken for granted and your intelligence being insulted, then join the growing membership of the American Seniors Association.

You aren’t like everyone else. Neither are we.

A one-year membership with the American Seniors Association is only $15. And, we’ll be happy to add your spouse to your membership absolutely free. If you are an American Senior who believes in individual liberty, and is looking for a different sort of association, we hope you’ll choose the American Seniors Association. We want to work for you.



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